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The Master Eye

product, video, concept development

For the Internet of things course in the second year of study, I chose to work on superstitions and some traditions of the culture which I am coming from. this project is about a company which has a product called “MASTER EYE”. Master eye is a neckless you always wear it which observes the situation around you and start vibrating once it feels negative power or evil eye around you. The idea behind it was coming from Nazar Ghorbooni /نظرقربونی an eye-shaped amulet believed to protect you against the evil eye.

Here is my manifest for this product:

“The MasterEye”


“We protect you from danger.


We can feel the future


We can see the future


We are the future


We make a safe life for all the human, No harm will happen for anybody.”


We reach the people who believe in superstitions; In fact, they are not superstitions anymore, they are the reality, they are every day of our lives. It is about our beliefs, our mindset. We will reach the people who do not believe in superstitions as well. We will change their mindset. 


By adding technology to the traditional believes we avoid the bad things happen to a human. We need to believe, it will happen soon. You will be given superpower feeling by seeing your future. The future should be safer than today. You will be able to avoid the negative powers around, through The MasterEYE. It will help you to observe your situation and help you find the powers around yourselves. As soon as It finds the negative powers, it starts to vibrate and you can feel it. 


Through this technology, all the people have access to observe their surrounding area, people and their power. You feel secure, as long as you wear the MasterEye necklace. It cares about you.  


Every kind of natural disaster can be predicted. Moreover, the terroristic attacks can be detected before happening. Sickness or catastrophic happening for you and your belongings or any kind of incident will be felt beforehand. In this society, you feel more secure and there would be more trust between people. Nobody can hide the negative power. Here, people are the ones need to make their societies based on trust and can focus on what they want and the positive things. People will be aware if you have bad intentions or at least people with bad intentions will be less visible in this society because people can sense it. Of course at first it will be hard to addict to this society but after all, It becomes natural. There will some courses how to control your bad feelings and how to overcome them. 


In this city, you won't be afraid of the evil eye. Bad luck or misfortunes can be controlled and don’t need to use traditional ways to avoid them. We use the symbolic values and by transferring them to functional values, help humanity to have a better and safer life in the future.

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