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Elnaz Assar

Transformation Design 

Elnaz Assar 


Hi! I am a Lifestyle transformation designer with an interest in societal transformation and bio design. The idea behind my projects is triggered by social issues such as Human behaviour (GM the new beauty), climate crisis, immigration and cultures, superstitions (The Master Eye) and how can we transfer them to the new lifestyle in the future.

As a creative and conceptual designer I am interested in societal transformation and textile design. I am passionate about cultural shift and intersections between design, politics and popular culture. As a female citizen growing up in Iran, I have dealt with high levels of censorship and suppression implemented by the authorities. I have a critical eye on the world around myself and am interested in constructive social changes within societies. My aim is to invent and create invisible communication tools for people with little or no voice.



  • Willem De Kooning Academy (WDKA), Rotterdam, Lifestyle Design, BA, 2016 - 2020  

  • Royal Academy of Art (KABK), The Hague, Textile & Fashion Design, 2014 - 2015  

  • Payam- noor University (PNU), Isfahan, Handicrafts and fine arts, BA, 2006 - 2011  

  • Soore Art academy, Isfahan, Diploma in Graphic Design, 2002 - 2005 


  • Enter Dragon: Video Installation and fashion design, Takesh Gallery, Isfahan 2012

  • KABK fashion show, Electricity factory, The Hague 2015

  • OCULAR, Showroom MAMA, Witte de Withstraat, Rotterdam, january 2020

GM the new beauty

concept development, publication, researching, technical skills

Based on the school assignment about body and technology, I chose to work on the recent scientific development; gene modification and its by-product, designer babies.


researching, concept development, product, technical skills

As a start-up, we focused on the students dealing with Hyperventilation Caused by the Panic attack in Rotterdam. Hyperventilation can be a serious issue. In Hyperventilation, you exhale more than you inhale. This causes a rapid reduction in carbon dioxide in the body. 

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The Master Eye

product, video, concept development

For the Internet of things course in the second year of study, I chose to work on superstitions and some traditions of the culture which I am coming from.


Art Direction, Fashion & Textile

In this project; NOSTALGIA (my first fashion assignment) we were briefed to design a skirt inspired by an artist or designer work. I chose Rafael Rosendaal a Dutch-Brazilian visual artist.

Banana Fashion

Experimental Textile Design

Banana fashion is my debut experimental textile project.


The concept was based on my critical point of view on Fast Fashion industry and how it influencing our lifestyle. I explored the various perishable material and chose to opt for banana peels as a choice of fabric. 


Photography, Fashion & textile,

concept development

The existence of aliens (foreigners) in my private life had been the subject which I was always in a challenge; People who are peeping through my life. This mental background made me motivated to create a collection titled “spatial clothes” during the year 2011-2012.

(The Obsessive Cleaning Disorder)

Concept development, Art Direction & Product design, Graphic design

For the project about food and antibiotic resistance we started to explore and research on how people will live in the near future and how they will behave, based on the importance of cleanness and need of hygiene.


Elnaz Assar 




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