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Art Direction & Photography

In this project; NOSTALGIA (my first fashion assignment) we were briefed to design a skirt inspired by an artist or designer work. I chose Rafael Rosendaal a Dutch-Brazilian visual artist.


Rafael uses his websites as a canvas and by “walk through the internet” you can view his exhibitions. The audience can interact with his work through the website by changing the mouse position.


One of the websites I was influenced by, was One can move an intricate set of geometrical shapes which can move by moving the mouse around. It reminded me of mirror works used in Islamic architecture and kaleidoscopes;  both of which were part of my childhood. Prior to studying lifestyle design, I had undergone a course on how to create the traditional geometric mirror works. 

My final product, the skirt, was constructed of angular shapes and in order to portray inspiration from Rafael’s work, I used reflective materials such as transparent tapes and plastics, to have the reflective effect of a mirror with the model's movement on the catwalk.

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