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Photography, Fashion & textile,

concept development

The existence of aliens (foreigners) in my private life had been the subject which I was always in a challenge; People who are peeping through my life. This mental background made me motivated to create a collection titled “spatial clothes” during the year 2011-2012.



Because these creatures were in fact symbols of real-life people, I didn’t want to go far from the real life’s atmosphere of human beings. A simple slice which was somehow suitable for the anatomy of man’s body was what I chose. When these clothes were put on by the models, they showed the figure and shape of the body and that was a proper solution. I decided to inspire the sense of alienation by adding odd and peculiar details.


This is how the clothes were in a missed atmosphere of being simultaneously familiar and alien. The choice of bright and shining materials is rooted in my childhood memories. Buttons and colourful lights of spatial creatures were somehow representative of the world full of light and colour in my mind. Gaudy clothes that could reflect different colours and lights were that I exactly wanted.


I had presented this collection besides another one in the form of a video installation exhibition. But this time, I prefer to create a special and more appropriate atmosphere for showing them in my portfolio.


Paradox and a great sense of duality that I had in the creation of these collections were once more strengthen and made my general idea, that is the attack of these aliens creatures to an old Persian house which seems to be empty of any inhabitants. The creatures who are sometimes proud because of their conquest or are surprised at what is in front of them and are trying hard to decode it.


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