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GM the new beauty

concept development, publication, researcher, technical skills 

Based on the school assignment about body and technology, I chose to work on the recent scientific development; gene modification and its by-product, designer babies. “The era of science which is promised to end diseases before it even begins, to help us live longer, fuller and healthier. The era which makes us able to decide about changing or better to say manipulating our children look, height and intelligence. The era which helps imperfect people to make perfect people.” The promising idea to help cure certain genetic disorders and diseases such as Cancer or HIV was astounding and impressive to me but the more I researched into it I became more aware and concerned about these children’s future.

Surprisingly, some scientists and organisations have been strong advocates for genetic modification and the general public is greatly appreciative that we have reached this remarkable turning point in human history. Thus, my aim was to make it more clear for this target group what genetic engineering is and what consequences does it have.


Although these GM children have positive characteristics such as being beautiful, tall, smart, healthy, extraordinary and powerful, they are different from others and not natural anymore. As a result, aggressiveness and narcism are predicted to be common between them.


I call it “ New Eugenic”. Genetic explains the process of parents passing down certain genes to their children, So Dysgenic will be the next trend.


I chose Designer parents as my target group and created an installment to portray their future baby’s feeling about being modified. I printed the face of the imaginary future baby on two layers of fabric and connected the second (back layer) to the memory wire (Nitinol wire). Both layers are then connected to electricity. Since I gave memory to the wire they started to shrink and so you could see the inner layer face starts shrinking as if melting. Through this, I intended to portray the emotions of a futuristic designer baby.

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